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Landing in a foreign city for the first time and having to figure out ground transportation can be a daunting task, and a little bit confusing because there are so many options.  It’s much better to book ahead of time because then you don’t have to go through the hassle and chaos of finding transportation once you land at the airport.  If you wait until your arrival you also run the risk of having to wait longer for transportation as well.  Read on to hear about five ways to book your transportation from Los Cabos Airport ahead of time.

There are many ways to book transportation from the airport to your hotel in advance.  That’s why we’re sharing five ways to book your transportation from Los Cabos Airport, including the cheapest.  For each of the methods, we used the Solmar Resort in Cabo San Lucas as a reference for sample prices for transportation from the airport.    Overseas Shipping

5 Ways To Book Your Transportation From Los Cabos Airport - The Cabo Sun

It’s well known that you can book a rental car through a third-party booking agent, like Expedia for example, but some also have an option for booking ground transportation too.  Booking a one-way trip for two people through Expedia from Los Cabos International Airport to Solmar Resort in a shared shuttle costs between $36-$47, depending on the company.  A private vehicle for a one-way trip starts at $77 for a sedan and goes up from there for larger or higher-end vehicles. 

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Booking through a specific transportation company is another option for getting from the airport to your hotel and there are many options.  For this example, we used Legacy Transportation Los Cabos for a one-way trip from the airport to Solmar Resort and the price for a private car was $75.  You get some pretty good perks too, including water and beer upon arrival, a flat rate, and no extra charge if your flight is delayed. 

Los Cabos Airport provides a list of transportation companies that you can book directly through the airport website as well.  Booking two seats on a shuttle going one-way to Solmar Resort costs $46, but if you choose the roundtrip option you only pay another $21 to have the return trip included, so you save a little money by booking roundtrip.  A private SUV starts at $90, depending on the vehicle, and you can make it roundtrip for an extra $75. 

Viator is a website that allows you to book all kinds of activities and it also has options for transportation from Los Cabos Airport.  Shuttle prices for two people range from $36-$48 to get to Cabo San Lucas, depending on which area you’re going to.  Private transportation for up to six people, from the airport to Solmar Resort, can be booked for about $70 through Viator. 

The resort you choose for your vacation in Los Cabos may also offer transportation from the airport to your hotel.  Sometimes this service is offered as a complimentary perk, while other resorts may charge a fee.  We looked at Solmar Resort and Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Beach Resort and the cost for private transportation for two people was $110 and $115, respectively.  For a shared shuttle the prices were $42 and $50. 

It seems that the cheapest options for booking both shuttle transportation and private transportation are the third-party booking site and Viator. For private transportation, the private company was also lower than booking through the resorts we looked at or the airport.  Hopefully, this list of options will help make planning your Los Cabos vacation a little less stressful.

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5 Ways To Book Your Transportation From Los Cabos Airport - The Cabo Sun

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